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Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical procedure for both men and women which replicates the appearance of hair follicles at their shortest length. We can help you achieve this look whether you have crown balding, a receding hairline, near or complete hair loss, alopecia or diffused hair loss ( thinning ).
We are world leaders in this process using natural pigments and application methods. Our practitioners are within the top 5% of treatment providers in the world.
Here at Shavenlook Clinic we understand that every client is different in terms of skin tones and the look that they are trying to achieve.
Our highly skilled practitioners have successfully performed over 12,000 treatments ensuring you are always in safe hands.
Scalp Micropigmentation is a state of the art, non-invasive treatment which permanently camouflages hair loss.
Using the most up to date needles and machines our highly skilled practitioners deposit micro dots of pigment into the scalp to replicate existing hair follicles and create the look of a fully shaven of head of hair.
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Do You Have a Question ?

We understand that you may still have questions about our Hair Loss Treatment, we do have a Frequently Asked Questions page but if your question is unique please feel free to fill in the short question form and we will get back to you with a professional answer within 24 hours.


Let us tell you why you should choose Shavenlook for your Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Loss Treatment.


Quality Service

Here at the Shavenlook Clinic, we pride ourselves on the quality of service our customers receive. Health and safety is at the core of what we do and every treatment is carried out to the highest industry standards, with a strong focus on cleanliness. All our professionals are qualified and experienced in delivering each procedure to medical standards of sterilisation and hygiene. We strictly follow all government and industry protocols to the fullest to ensure you’re in good hands when you visit our clinic.

Restore Your Confidence

Hair loss affects a large number of men and women worldwide. When it happens, it can often impact confidence too. Regaining that self-esteem is an important motivation for many seeking hair-loss treatment. The Shavenlook Clinic was created in order to help restore confidence and give people a sense of pride in their appearance, allowing many to live a fuller, happier lifestyle. Our micropigmentation treatments help achieve this faster, cheaper and more safely than alternative, surgical methods and with minimal impact to your daily routine.

Years Of Experience

Our expert team have years of experience gained in both the UK and America. Collectively, we have administered 10,000+ treatments to countless satisfied customers. When you book with us you can be certain that you’ll receive a top class service in a safe and hygienic setting. The Shavenlook Clinic are leading the way in hair image restoration. Thousands of our UK customers can attest to our reputation. We currently have 2 locations fully operational in the UK with more on the way as our treatments continue to grow in popularity.



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Free Consultation

We understand any kind of hair loss treatment can seem like a daunting concept but we are here to educate and reassure you.  The Shavenlook Clinic pride themselves on giving you the best advice and will inform you of the process and all the details of the treatment, leaving you to then make a balanced decision based on all the information. Our consultations are completely free of charge with no obligation.

Expert Treatment

The scalp micropigmentation hair loss treatment process usually takes place over 3-5 separate sessions. The first session is likely to last between 3-4 hours depending on your individual needs. It is recommended you have your second session within 7-10 days. The second session is focused on perfecting the density and any slight adjustments to the hairline. The third session is ideally 6-8 weeks later, the following sessions are dependant on how the pigment has settled to the individual’s scalp.

After Care Guidance

The Shavenlook Clinic will provide you with the complete aftercare advice. We would recommend avoiding any intense exercise that may encourage heavy sweating for at least 7 days after treatment and the scalp should not be washed or shaved for 4 days. We would recommend minimal exposure to the sun but if unavoidable you should use high-factor sunscreen. Swimming pools should also be avoided, a more in-depth full aftercare guide will be provided at the end of your first session.

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Our Treatments

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Receding Hairline

A receding hairline is another extremely common form of hair loss in both men and women.  Our scalp micropigmentation hair loss treatment is the best way to bring back your hairline to its natural position.

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The Shavenlook Clinic experts have worked with numerous clients effected by Alopecia and have delivered great results.

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Complete Hair Loss

With our revolutionary micropigmentation  hair loss treatment, near to complete hair loss does not need to be a reason for concern or any distress anymore.

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Scar Camouflage

The Shavenlook Clinic offer only the best in service and we have experience in successfully camouflaging many types of scars with fantastic results.

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Balding Of The Crown

Choosing the Shavenlook Clinic can help restore your confidence with our state of the art scalp micropigmentation procedure. Hair loss isn’t something you have to endure anymore.

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Diffused Hair Loss

The Shavenlook Clinic’s scalp micropigmentation hair loss treatment can help alleviate the distress caused by chronic hair loss and instead give you the look of natural hair to restore your confidence.

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What our clients say

John S


Just had my 4th treatment. Unbelievable job by Daz. I am so happy with how my sessions have gone,each & every one of them. 
The client care that Daz has given to me has been 5 star. I am so happy with my new look.
Thanks’re the man!

Adam K


Thanks Daz absolutely made up with this session. Really happy with how I look now can’t thank you enough. Top man!

Mr T


I would just like to express my gratitude and thanks to Daz for the service he provided. His attention to detail, pride in his work and attitude were top class.



I feel he is by far the one of the best technicians out there, (I’ve had others from other companies)! Not only with his great skills and attention to detail, but his whole attitude from start to finish.



I was really impressed by Daz, his attention to detail was outstanding and exactly the type of practitioner I was hoping for when I began my researching this treatment. Furthermore, during my 2 sessions with him I felt like I made a friend who genuinely interested in my issues and wanted to help me.



Thanks a million mate, I honestly can’t tell you how much sorting my noggin out means to me . Last year was a total new beginning for me and that’s down to you.

Our Team


Shavenlook Clinic’s boast only the best in professionalism and this starts with our expert team.

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Jack Sharp


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Danielle Cardin


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